We offer turn-key custom-made battery packs for your business

At Lithium Power, Inc., we take pride in our ability to custom design lithium batteries perfectly suited for a wide range of industries and applications. Whether you are in the automotive sector, renewable energy storage field, medical industry, robotics space, or looking for a lead acid replacement solution, we got you covered. Our team of professional engineers will work closely with you to analyze your power requirements and propose technical specifications. We promise to design the most optimal solution meeting your unique needs of charge and discharge rates, dimensions, weight, operating temperature range, programmability, cycle life, scalability, efficiency, and cost. We take care of the complete package, from cell selection, implementation of our proprietary BMS, IP rated enclosure tooling, various communication protocols, custom paired chargers, certifications, and door to door delivery service. We pay meticulous attention to details ensuring our custom batteries integrate seamlessly into your system or device exceeding expectations and empowering your innovation.


Battery cells from different cell vendors vary in characteristics, offering distinct advantages and features. Depending on the power requirements of your application, we will choose from cells that have high energy density, high power output, fast charge rate, long cycle life, temperature performance, safety features, and cost. Cell selection is essential in optimizing the suitability of a custom pack for different applications.
Our proprietary Battery Management System separates us from other lithium battery suppliers. Most of our competitors rely on third parties for their Battery Management Systems. We own 100% of our BMS design. In the circuit boards, we have our own micro-controller chip that integrates a precise battery gauge, cell balancing and protection circuitry, and system control firmware. We have no black box in our lithium battery technology.

Nearly all the BMS found on the market come equipped with simple preset protection parameters. Our BMS comes with multi-level, user-configurable voltage, temperature, and current protection parameters which allow adjustments using our battery tester tool or various communication protocols such as CANBus, SMBus, and Bluetooth. Around 60 parameters of battery information can be delivered live or saved in the battery history data log. Information available includes SOC, SOH, number of charge cycles, depth of discharge, operating temperatures, cell and BMS board temperatures, cell voltages, discharge currents, peak discharge current and duration, and more. Our Smart batteries are adaptable based on unique application requirements and also allow flexible changes through firmware updates.

Our Smart BMS which works with any lithium chemistry is available for companies to build their own battery packs. Our engineering team can assist with product training and implementation.


  • Voltage range: 3V ~ 60V
  • Discharge rate: 1C ~ 30C
  • Multi-level protection
  • Smart gas gauging algorithm and capacity learning
  • Measurement and reporting of capacity, voltage, and current temperature status for individual cells
  • CANBus 2.0, SMBus 2.0 protocol, and SBData 1.1 compliant
  • LCD/LED display for capacity status update
  • Multiple operation modes including low power shipping mode
  • Cell balancing for battery cells and battery packs in parallel
  • Charge and discharge battery packs in parallel
  • History data log, event count, and other miscellaneous information
  • Smart tools for firmware upgrades and user-configurable protection parameters


Mechanical design is crucial in ensuring safe and efficient battery packs. We offer IP rated battery enclosures using various materials. The external and internal structure of the battery is designed to pass demanding tests of altitude, thermal propagation, heat dissipation, vibration, shock, impact, overcharge, forced discharge, short circuit and more.
One of the major reasons why companies choose Lithium Power, Inc. as their technical partner is because we can provide them with communication protocols to control, command, and remotely monitor/manage their custom made battery packs. The ability to offer communication capabilities makes our battery packs far more intelligent and desirable. Our OEM/ODM customers value how our lithium technology as an energy source combined with the ability to communicate meets the needs of their highly demanding Smart applications.
  • Follows SMBus 2.0 protocol
  • Follows Smart Battery Protocol
  • Can provide CANBus 2.0 connectivity
  • Can provide Bluetooth connectivity
  • Can provide GPRS connectivity
  • Can provide USB connectivity
  • Can provide cloud-based dashboards to remotely monitor battery status
Each and every battery pack we produce is thoroughly tested at each stage of the assembly process. Serial numbers, test results, and other information gets stored in our database. 100% of the final products are cycle tested to ensure the highest level of quality control.

We provide test equipment so OEM/ODM customers can also test the battery packs we manufacture. To promote quality, customers can use our proprietary testers to verify all battery packs meet specifications during incoming and outgoing inspection. This added value brings another level of quality assurance.

A proprietary Portable Battery Analyzer is available for customers to read battery information, troubleshoot, and update the battery’s software and firmware. Information such as the voltage, number of packs in parallel, charge/discharge current, battery status, software version, cycle count, and real time data recording is available for users.
Lithium batteries are considered a dangerous good. Ensuring the safety and reliability of our products is absolutely critical. Safety certifications such as UL provide assurance that our products meet specific safety standards set by third party regulatory bodies and industry organizations. A comprehensive safety standard coupled with extensive testing from reputable laboratories enhance consumer trust and confidence. UL and other certification markings help to build brand reputation and customer loyalty. We provide certifications on our custom made products to help you mitigate risk, promote safety recognition, and to meet legal and regulatory compliance. Certifications include but are not limited to:
  • UN 38.3
  • UL 1642
  • UL 2054 (cell and pack level)
  • UL 1973
  • UL 2271 for Light Electric Vehicles and UL 2272
  • UL 3030 for commercial drone uses
  • UL 62386
  • UL 2595
  • IEC 62133
  • IEC 62619
  • ECE R100
We provide custom-paired lithium battery chargers to enhance the performance and reliability of our battery packs. This is important especially when customers have unique charging requirements. Charging lithium batteries quickly, providing charging status as a percentage, and giving a “charge completed” indication are a few common requirements.

To fully charge a lithium battery, the charger has to start with constant current (CC) and switch to constant voltage (CV). Lithium Power’s chargers will indicate that the battery is fully charged when the tapper current drops down to 250mA or lower in CV mode. The lithium battery voltage will also drop immediately once the charging current is terminated.

Off-the-shelf chargers sourced through the marketplace do not support custom-made OEM battery packs very well for many reasons. We have designed high-quality chargers to fit a range of battery pack solutions. The following is our design criteria:
  • Lithium Chemistry Composition
    Different lithium chemistries (cells) require different voltages for charging, different voltage cut-offs to prevent damage and different maximum charging currents for safety and longevity. The different chemical composition of each lithium cell requires a unique charge and discharge algorithms.
  • Battery Pack Pairing
    All custom-made lithium battery packs have their own specific charging and discharging requirements. When we design lithium battery packs, we account for all aspects of their future use: The charging method, charging time requirements, charging temperature range, BMS protection, life cycle and optimal charging currents. Similarly, the charging device needs custom configurations to properly pair with its designated pack.
  • Charging Applications and Environments- Charger housings also need to meet the demands of the environment in which they will be used. For example, do they need to be designed to meet IP65 or IP67 standards for water and dust resistance? Or does it need a fan to help it cool?
  • Connector Selection
    Off-the-shelf chargers may not have the right fit connector.
  • Certifications
    OEM customers may need UL/IEC certified chargers.
  • Power Supply Management
    When an application needs to apply power to support the system device and to charge batteries at the same time, we can assist in designing the power management of the system device to seamlessly achieve that goal.
Charging lithium battery packs with high efficiency is a common requirement from our OEM customers. With our professional experience and domain knowledge of lithium batteries and battery management, Lithium Power will provide you with a complete and worry-free custom-paired charger to meet your specific needs.
Safety is our key concern.
We only provide industry-certified chargers designed to reliably and safely deliver high performance.
For custom made chargers, please provide the following information: Chemistry: Lithium
Input: 90-260 VAC or _______
Output: 12 VDC or _______
Output: 12.0 A or _______
Charging time: Within _______ hours
Charging connector’s model #_______; and part #_______
Certification requirements: _______

Our custom-paired charger products
Watt/hour range covers 10W-3000W