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Lithium Replacement Batteries
for Robotic Vacuums, Neato® & iRobot® Roomba®

Lithium Power, Inc. is the industry leader in lithium battery technology. We offer turn-key lithium battery solutions that meet unique requirements of cost, performance, reliability, energy efficiency, longevity, light-weight design, and mission critical applications.

About Lithium Power Inc: Lithium technology has been widely used in consumer electronic products such as laptops, tablets, mobile phones, and vehicles. Its light-weight, efficient capacity, and reliability have been widely accepted. Lithium technology is becoming more and more popular in the rechargeable product market.

Our practical knowledge in lithium technology and years of industry experience in its application delivers a quality battery design that works. We offer an original and unique ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) Battery Management System (BMS). Our custom-made lithium battery packs provide turn-key solutions for specific markets such as Robotic Vacuums; e-Bikes; Drones; UPS 19” rack mount battery for call centers and telecoms; scalable lithium battery modules for solar power, and medical grade lithium battery packs for nursing cart applications. Installation of our lithium battery packs is as easy as can be.

In 2014, we are going to offer a wide range of new replacement batteries for the Robotic Vacuum market including iRobot® Roomba®, iRobot® Scooba®, and Neato®. With a much longer operating time and much longer battery life, we provide better quality of life through better cleaning.

Last longer, clean better.

At Lithium Power, Inc., we bring lithium technology to life through innovative ideas. Our engineers are constantly developing next generation solutions. We need people just like you to provide inventive and resourceful ideas.

As we head towards the future, we know our success depends on the groundbreaking ideas of today. In order to continue the creative cycle and provide you with a better quality of life, we encourage you to submit your ideas to help us create products that are inspired by you and to be used by you – our customers and partners.

Battery Lifespan

Our Lithium batteries retain 80% battery life after 800 cycles. That’s 4-5x stronger than the iRobot original batteries.

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